Replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue Orbis Watch Review

This special Omega Hour Vision watch,  called Hour Vision Blue, presents outstanding timepieces from the brand’s famous De Ville collection.  With this very fashionable blue dial watch, Swiss watchmaker OMEGA joins ORBIS International’s fight against preventable blindness.

This replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue watch is a true beauty. The secret of its beauty, in my opinion, lies in two facts: the specific blue colour dial and, the shininess of its hands. But let me start from the beginning.

Replica Omega De Ville Hour Vision Blue Orbis Watch Review


41 mm case in SS with a height of 12.2 mm. I had some doubts of such a ‘big’ height, but finally the watch sits just perfectly of my (very small) wrist.


Dial in eccentric sun-brushed blue, with bluish hour track (sic. Omega). For me it’s THE thing that makes this watch awesome. We had cloudy, shiny weather, and normal evening lights … in every situation this watch has a different colour. It’s like having three or four different watches. I must admit I’m not the greatest fun of Hour Vision’s ‘integrated circuit’, but on this one it’s very subtle and almost not visible.


18ct white gold facetted hour-minute-seconds hands and diamond polished 18ct white gold applied facetted indexes, date frame and omega sign. Those elements with the blue dial fit just perfectly. I know some people miss lume hands, but I think it wouldn’t be the same chemistry if the lime was added. The way minute hand overlap indexes is just perfect. The reflection of those white gold elements gives the wow effect to this watch.

Omega Hour Vision Blue 2

The the bracelet is a black leather with a polished foldover clasp – very very very nice looking combination. I think I can wear this watch in every situation except probably during my diving and sport activities.

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