Replica Rolex Submariner Date Blue Dial Hands-on Review

This replica Rolex Submariner Date blue dial watch is copy of Rolex Submariner 116613 which introduced in Baselworld 2009.

The watch’s bezel is the same ceramic “CERACHROM” bezel first introduced on the 50th Anniversary GMT.  This new bezel is both extremely hard and highly scratch resistant.  CERACHROM has proven to has some interesting properties/limitations with regard to color.  For example, the reason we have not (yet) seen a bi-color GMT Master II bezel is because the color red is said to be nigh impossible to do in CERACHROM.  It also displays a great deal more shade variation depending upon the lighting conditions as compared to a traditional aluminum bezel insert.  So showing an “accurate” photo representation of what the watch looks like is quite a challenge.  But the dial of the 116613 is a very uniform, consistent color, designed to closely match the shade of blue used in the bezel.

Replica Rolex Submariner Date Blue Dial Hands-on Review

The watch’s lugs as well as the crown guards on the 116613 share the expanded design also first seen on the 50th Anniversary GMT – these larger lugs and guards give the new Submariner a larger appearance on the wrist, though the dial size remains 40mm in diameter – the same as the previous Submariner models.  The Submariner 116613 case is also every bit as water resistant as the previous model – 300m/1000ft.

The watch’s  bracelet and clasp have received some fairly significant upgrades, which will no doubt be welcome news to most  Rolex Submariner fans.  The stainless steel and 18k yellow gold Oyster bracelet has solid center links which are beautifully polished giving this version of the Submariner some dress appeal.  Better still is the new Glidelock clasp.  The Glidelock clasp is a solid clasp that stands head and shoulders above the previous clasp design.  Glidelock clasp isn’t just a pretty face – it’s functionally improved as well.  No tools are required to make fine adjustments to the fit of the bracelet from the clasp.  You simply slide the adjustment pin in the clasp forward or backward until an optimal fit is achieved.

For many years, Rolex watches would glow with a green color.  But the lume on this replica Submariner glows blue, just like the Submariner 116619 and new Deep Sea Sea-Dweller.  It looks great with the blue dial and bezel of this watch.  Inside this replica Rolex Submariner is automatic movement.

There’s no question it’s a very nice replica watch with upgraded specifications that compare quite favorably to any other watch manufacturer on the market.

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