Replica SevenFriday P2-1 Watch Review

SevenFriday has been so popular that in just a few years. New brands are popping up that seem to be emulating their success, and some existing brands are offering new models aimed at directly competing with SevenFriday’s core collection of “P series” watches, including the P1, P2, and P3 watches.  Here I will review replica SevenFriday P2-1 watch.

47mm x 47.6mm stainless steel case, you’ve got a square shape you don’t commonly see (ours had a grey PVD treatment) with a lugless design that really keeps the edges clean. Then, you get into the dial – let’s work our way from the outside in.

Replica SevenFriday P2-1 Watch Review

The first break in the color scheme comes in the form of the coppery minute ring; this gives way to a grey ring, and then over to a machine metal surface – and then another shot of copper in the form of the hour ring. These transitions do two things. First, it obviously mixes up the palette a bit, but it also gives the presence of layers in the dial. Which, if this was completely flat, the color changes in the rings would likely not be pulled off as well.

The minute hand looks almost like an oversize gear set smack in the middle of the dial, with a triangle coming off of one side (so you can tell the time). While it’s finished in a grey, the hour hand peeks out from underneath, once again bringing the copper color to the mix. While the minute hand would normally dwarf the hour hand, the skeletonized styling ensures that it’s kept fairly legible.

Under those hands, we’ve got two subdials spinning around. The one at 5 o’clock is your small seconds; the 9 o’clock dial is a 24-hour indicator (tied to the main time display). One interesting design bit with these are the smaller indicators that are screwed down on the dial so you can read each subdial. Sure, it throws off our normal conventions for reading dials like these (assuming the 12 o’clock position to be the zero point), but it again provides that little visual tweak – and one that’s much cleaner than had they tried to put hands on the dials.

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Author: Jack

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